Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Seahorse Seahorse

I know this is odd, but does anyone like seahorses in design? I love them in nature...so mythical and elegant. They're one of the creatures hardest hit by acidification. I had an idea years ago...what if we donated to a cause for every image we use from nature? For the seahorse...we donate to Oceana. For zebra printed rugs...we donate to WWF and Rainforest Alliance. Why Rainforest Alliance? Well the rugs are printed on cowhides, which are raised mostly in Brazil. They need land, so guess what gets cut down to raise them....yup rain forests. The only image I really like below is the pink one...how about you?


  1. Danielle I love all forms of sea life and shells! The Seahorse is a miracle!


  2. I hope you are onto something here. And even if it didn't raise much money, it would still raise awareness, which is a brilliant first step. My daughter was telling me the other day that Seahorses are in threat not just from acidification, but more pressingly, from tuna fishing. When they get dragged up in the great nets, the Seahorses are not required, so simply get thrown back to the ocean, dead. There are so many things like this which we simply do not think about, or even know about, unless it is discussed. And only then can we make conscious decisions as consumer.

    So I love your idea, because it would hopefully lead to discussion. And then consumer change.