Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Peacock...

...chair I couldn't sell. This past Saturday was a gorgeous day to have a yard sale and meet new friends. That day my plan was to sell said emerald green wicker peacock chair, but alas I couldn't. Instead I put a sold sign on it and sat down with Max asleep on my shoulder. I just can't help myself when it comes to unique chairs...yes I seriously have a chair fetish. A few months ago my husband and I counted how many chairs I had (sold a few on Sat.) and I am embarrassed to say I had 31 in my tiny Cape Cod. Below are a few snapshots of me, my little man, and my queen on the chair I sold back to myself...what a dork. Hope you all had a charming weekend too. As a bonus I'm including a few images of peacock chairs looking all regal and whatnot...absolutely FREE ;). Enjoy! (Sorry for the random image placement below...I'm blogging from my iPad and don't seem to have a choice.)


  1. Unfortunately I couldn't make it to your fab yard sale this weekend, although I would have loved to! Could you tell me how much you were asking for the chair? Thanks!

  2. Hey Nicole...I was going to sell it for $100. I had to sand it, prime it and apply 2 coats of hi-gloss spray paint. I bought it a few years ago from CL...they come up every once in awhile.

  3. Thanks for the info. I am really tempted but am waiting to see if it might work with a rug I'll be getting in 2 weeks. I'll be back in touch, and feel free to email me if something comes up and it's no longer available. Thanks!!

    1. I'm so sorry Nicole...It's not for sale, but if you'd like me to search for a similar one on CL, I'd be more than happy to. Sorry if my response was confusing. :)

  4. I'm glad you didn't sell it! Love the color and the shape is pretty unique compared to the other peacock chairs I've seen.

  5. You have to keep that chair -- it's too fab to sell!
    Sweet pic, too.

  6. Love the chair! Glad you kept it! too wonderful to part with!