Thursday, May 24, 2012

Come Pin With Me

Writing posts are just not as easy as they once were for me. My lack of sleep, laundry piling up, cleaning to do and trying to organize my slightly overrun with chairs home, while having a 5 month old who loves to be held, doesn't allow for the best posts in the world. So Pinterest is my newest creative outlet. For those that haven't joined, you must and for those that have please follow me as I've recently created a DC Craigslist board...

Maybe I'll create more Craigslist boards from different cities...we'll see. 

As for now I'm just pinning when I have the time. Below is an image I added to my Kitchen board, which was repinned 284 times...I still don't know how that happens.


So dreamy isn't it?

So come join me on Pinterest, I love to receive e-mails informing me that others 'like' or have 're-pinned' the images I find. Happy Pinning!


  1. Hi Danielle! I can relate to feeling like you have no time to post:) I do ship items from my store...the clam shells (I am afraid) would break so they are not available for shipping- but most everything else is! Take care, Caroline

  2. oh man I wish you could do that for Boston craigslist! I know there are tons of awesome things to be found, but finding time is the hardest part!!! Great job !!!

  3. Stunning kitchen! Loving the floors and the windows. Enjoy the fabulous week ahead, Kellie xx

  4. A Craigslist Pinboard -- what a great idea!
    (Hope you expand to Philly!)