Wednesday, April 11, 2012

*sort of* Before & After: My Desk

Last Spring I had a huge list of items ready to be painted as soon as the weather cleared up, but by the time it did I had found out I was pregnant. And since I had been waiting ever so patiently for the LAST 10 years to get pregnant, I wasn't going to take any chances on paint fumes. So I resorted to having a good friend help me out (and of course I paid him). But since I was in my first trimester my brain and body just weren't feeling it, therefore I didn't take one single stinkin' before photo hence the title *sort of* Before & After.

Here is the first $20 CL purchase I had painted...

A close-up of the hardware...

I also messed up on the color, which I blame on pregnancy eyes. I was going for a rich red with a touch of orange, but as you can see it's orange with a touch of red. Oh well I'm still totally thrilled with the results.

And here is the *sort of* before (it was a similar color, but even worse)...

The desk is in my son's room and normally loaded with all of his stuff, but he loves all of the storage. 


  1. Gorgeous color and love the hardware.

  2. Danielle I love the results of your desk redo!!
    Great hardware!

    I hope you will come see my new Annie Sloan Projects revealed!
    Art by Karena

  3. Now THAT'S a transformation...gorgeous!!

  4. I love the shade and hardware! Do you mind sharing the paint color? I've been wanting to paint my dresser orange.

  5. That is gorgeous Danielle and I know your son will cherish it!! Post some more pics of your new little one sometime.

  6. I love the color and the hardward is the best!

  7. I think the color turned out great, even if unintentional! Great hardware too.