Saturday, March 24, 2012

Time is of the Essence

Okay, I promise I'm finished posting photos of myself and my favorite little men. I am ready to start concentrating on my other favorite I'm planning on a weekly or maybe bi-weekly segment called Finds For Friends. Over the years I've found countless items on Craigslist for my friends, from dining chairs to dressers to barcarts. I love a good find and enjoy finding the perfect piece of furniture for my mates, so I thought why not share with everyone...who doesn't love show and tell!?!

Also, while I don't have the time to create a lot of posts for Fresh Quince, I do have time to pin or re-pin images onto Pinterest. Here a few recent random, but favorite pins:

via Canadian house & home 


Emily Henderson 

Love Josef Frank fabric. Via Skonahem 


Ruthie Sommers via Domino 
Ruthie Sommers via Domino

If you're interested in following my pins and re-pins from other awesome interior design sources, go here to follow...I'll try to put a link on my blog soon. 

Hope you all are having a great restful weekend, while I'm over here just a tad sleep deprived :)! 


  1. So much to love here...adore the first image!

  2. That library photo is one of my favourites! Please feel free to link back to us at

    Thanks for the inspiration,


    1. But of course Seema :)! I need to get in that habit ASAP even when my time is limited. It's a fabulous image for sure!


  3. I've loved the CH&H image since it first circulated in the blog's gorgeous! Oh, and I'm following you now on Pinterest! Hope you're well.

  4. Love these room..especially the turquoise sofa and the all white room with wild colored art! Love it.

    P.S. A local, too, and new follower!

  5. That first photo from House and Home is seriously one of my favorites- I LOVE the colors!