Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm Back!

Hello everyone! Yes I'm finally back after a very long hiatus. Thanks to all for your concerns and well wishes while I haven't posted...it was much much appreciated. Well the reason for my absence is that I'm pregnant after almost 10 years of trying, doctor visits, treatments, acupuncture, hopes and then thinking that I couldn't get pregnant again. So much to our surprise after many a paint and design project planned I realized I was having another child. I have to admit the first few months were rough and a bit scary for me, but now I'm almost in my 6th month and so happy that I'm having a another boy. So onto new baby projects and a nursery.

Just to start off I thought I would share a few inspirational nursery images that I've collected.

I love the hanging bassinet and dark floors in this serene nursery...

serena & lily

The stripes on the wall, painted stool and comfy chair in this nursery are what I like best...

anyon interiors

I love the varying shades of blue with the pop of orange on the upholstered chair in this image. I also adore the chandelier by David Trubridge. He's one of my favorite green designers and was featured on Daily Imprint awhile back. I just love his design philosophy...

david scott

There is something simple and not stuffy about this space that appeals to me...

wary meyers

I like the idea of a wall paper or stencil covering the room and simple roman shade like the one below...

jute interior design

I adore the wall of framed Barbar images in this dark blue nursery...

apartment therapy

The space below is a tad feminine, but the stencil or painting on the wall is just so beautiful...


And last, for no reason, I like the fun mixture of pattern and color in this nursery...

via 6th Street Design

Quite an eclectic group of images...no!? Well that is so me. I already have the dresser painted and ready to go and guess where I found it? Craigslist! Big surprise right? I'll post the before and after soon. I also plan to share my tips on how to make the nursery an eco-friendly oasis. Hope you all join me on my journey.

Thanks again to all for your kind comments and I just can't wait to start sharing on Fresh Quince again!


  1. Congratulations gurl! I swear its baby season seems errybody is pregnant!

  2. Welcome back and congratulations! You were missed...but such happy news to return on! Looking forward to seeing all of your projects...and I have saved some of these images as inspiration! Take care, Caroline

  3. i was wondering where you were! i am SO SO SO SO over the moon happy for you, danielle!

  4. Oh, Danielle, this is FANTASTIC news! Congratulations! The blogworld was not the same without you!!!

  5. Yahoo! That is great news! So glad you are back in action.

  6. Danielle!!!!! I missed you so much, AND CONGRATS!!! I just got goosebumps reading this post! So glad to have you back, can't wait to hear more about this journey!

  7. Congratulations! Glad to hear you've made it past the "scary months." xoxo

  8. Awww shucks everyone...you're making me tear up! Thanks so much for the kind words! xx Danielle

  9. Congratulations!!! What a wonderful reason not to be blogging. Happy you're back.

  10. So glad you're back and with such happy news!
    Karen @ pottery

  11. Oh Danielle, I am THRILLED for you - know the nursery will be precious for this much loved baby boy!!

  12. What wonderful news - so very happy for you!! And I'll bet your other son is thrilled as well. Adorable nursery inspiration.

  13. OMG, I am so glad you're back, and I am so happy for the reason you were away! My husband actually deleted my shortcut to your blog, calling it "brainless bimbo brainwashing". He's so mean! But I will tell you that honestly my two kids are my only real contribution to the world (other than the sales tax I pay), and if either has a bad streak I will be a net negative burden on society. But I love fashion and design. Even if I only like a third of the photos you post, it is one of my favorite things to read each week. We're glad you're back (well, maybe not my smart-ass husband).

  14. Danielle I am so very very excited for you!! I am loving your nursery ideas. Yay!!!

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    Art by Karena

  15. Danielle- What WONDERFUL news! Another I'm-sure-to-be-oh-so-handsome boy! Congrats!


  16. Danielle,
    Welcome back MAMA! Congrats, I know you are going to design one hip and thrifty nursery!!!

  17. Oooooh another little Charlie, I have to tell Luke right away he'll be so excited!! So glad you are blogging again, I was worried about you and didn't want to disturb. When you're up for it Luke is dying to see Charlie.

  18. Such wonderful news, Danielle. And so wonderful to have you back in blogland, too.