Thursday, May 5, 2011

Before & After (Julia's bedside tables)

Julia, a friend and subscriber to Fresh Quince, recently bought 2 bedside tables off of Craigslist for $20 in Portland. The were identical and looked like this...

That is until she did her magic and transformed them into these...

She painted the base a rich dark forest green and used a pretty contact paper for the drawer front and also lined the drawer with the same contact paper...

For the other bedside table she painted it the same color, but chose a different yet equally gorgeous contact paper for the drawer front and inner liner...

And a close up...

Brilliant job Julia! They look great and I love that red rug!


  1. So pretty! Where did she find such great looking contact paper?

  2. What fun!! Julia did such a great job of transforming those previously lackluster tables into something fun and different!!

  3. Thanks everyone! Contact paper is from a great website called "Chic Shelf Paper".

  4. Oh, I love these kind of transformations- Inspiring and crerative! Probably all things(even the ugly ones) have great potential, you just have to see it:)!

  5. How cute are them!!

  6. That is absolutely amazing! They came out beautifully!

  7. How cool! I'm also digging the vibrant rug shown in the second photo!

  8. I agree...I'll take the end tables AND the rug :)

  9. hi
    I accidently stumbled upon your blog. I love it! :)

    I thought I'd give you a tip to go see a fun Norwegian site, redesigning old furniture.
    It's called
    (Haven't been to the shop myself, but the website shows their playful ideas)

    I'll come again soon. :)

    Best wishes
    Open house blog, Norway.

  10. Paint and paper, the 2 greatest design words ever and you gals just proved it!