Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What to Wear Wednesdays

Upcycled leather purses and totes are the perfect eco-friendly option when vintage is not your thing . There are countless companies re-inventing perfectly worn-in leather jackets or even old leather sofas into new useful handbags. Here are some examples...

Ashley Watson Boutique 

A few handbags from her collection...

Small Sora


All of Ashley Watson's handbags are made from recycled leather. Her purses have a timeless, yet fun and hip feel about them. 

Another company...

Here is a vignette of their Upcycled Leather Collection...

Poketo re-uses vintage leather sofas and chairs transforming the upholstery into useful wallets, totes and clutches. I hope they re-upholster the furniture for resale on Craigslist perhaps. 

A long time favorite of mine...

A few examples from her collection...

Image of Sonoma

Image of Alameda

Image of Ashbury

With the leftover scraps she's making ottomans (how brilliant!)...

Image of reMade Cube Ottoman

South's one-of-a-kind leather purses are gorgeous and if anyone is interested the Ashbury is calling my name...for Mother's Day perhaps?

 Hope this has inspired you to maybe question buying a new purse. Why buy new when the re-invented, already worn-in leather, re-cycled purses are just as chic...right?


  1. Hi! I have never seen recycled leather used for purses...but what a great idea! I hope you are having a wonderful day...Take care, Caroline

  2. These leather bags are gorgeous! You can never have enough accessories. The colors of these are great too. Thanks for this post. Always fun to visit your blog. Have a great day.

  3. How wonderful ... I had no idea about these vendors. Thanks as always for the eco-tips, Danielle.

  4. This is great Danielle! I love all these stylish fashion and design tips and sources. You are so right, is there really a reason at all to buy new? You can be super chic AND green.

  5. love this idea! for me, the older the leather, the better.

  6. I love all the items you featured!! Best of all is that they are reinventing old items - so cool. Hope you had a great day ;)