Friday, April 22, 2011


I am sure you all know it is the year of the Rabbit in Chinese Astrology...

My mother was born in the year of the rabbit and oddly enough my father can't get enough of white porcelain rabbits. He has been collecting them for years...

An Easter vignette at my parents home

On the other hand, I have never been interested in them...sorry dad. Because of my lack of interest I decided to search for interiors with rabbits that appealed to me...

I see this in a historic Bed & Breakfast...maybe we'll have rabbit stew for dinner (joke).

Paul Smith

A gold rabbit for good luck or is that a rabbits paw!?!

Source Unknown

I really enjoy the happy vibe this space emanates. 

If the wall color was a pastel it would change the entire look of this chic space. 

Fleur Wood Boutique

Just imagine a little girls room covered in white rabbits running all over the Alice in Wonderland. If you are interested in doing this why not search your local thrift stores for discarded easter rabbits next week. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Happy Spring! 


  1. Oh, I love the pop-esque bunny artwork (3 from the bottom). Have a great weekend, Danielle!

  2. So cute! Happy Easter to you too! Take care, Caroline

  3. So funny Danielle, you must be a Swede at heart!! I have a whole other take on Easter as well. Thinking of you today EARTH DAY- more people should follow suit and celebrate recycling, reusing and everything else you do to help the planet!

  4. You are so darn charming! Happy Easter!

  5. Danielle- Rosie's 8th birthday is today ans we just read on Rabbits - The Miraculous Story of Edward Tulane. Edward's a rabbit doll and the story was deeply moving.

    Love your Rabbit examples!


  6. Wishing you a Happy Easter, filled with warmth and love! Lovely images!

  7. You found some good bunny images. My sister was an AVID bunny collector - I never saw the appeal because my unicorn collection was sooo much cooler! Haha.

  8. Adorable! Love the Paul Smith! Wishing you a wonderful Easter!

  9. Ohhh, I love the interior of that boutique!

    That rabbit painting, the one for a historic B&B is kind of freaking me out though... a little too anthropomorphic...

  10. Thanks everyone and hope you all have a lovely Easter as well!
    @Mallory...heehee I totally know what you mean.

  11. So much fun Rabbit inspiration! Think each and very one of the painting looks cute! I hope you´ve had a really great Easter weekend! I´ll see you around Sweet Danielle! Hopefully I´ll have more time for Blogland soon! Sorry for not stopping by lately, life´s a bit hectic right now...
    Wishing yoy a really great start this new week!