Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh Spring Where Are YOU?

My hysterical friend told me to call this post "F*&% You Spring", but for obvious reasons I decided against it and besides it's not me.

Anyway, yesterday turned out to be another dud, so what do I do when my son has a half day at school, I can't paint due to the rain, a few other projects are stalled due to unforeseen issues and I'm uninspired to cook or clean? I check out a few favorite second hand stores. And here are a few items I saw...

A vintage Asian lamp with beautiful dragon detailing on the base. 

The lamp above reminded me of the lamps in this chic bedroom and at $40 not a bad price for a unique vintage lamp...
Lee Kleinhelter

I am very drawn to this painting and would love to know its history. Who is that guy in the painting? Did his friend paint it and give it to him as a gift? Were the walls really striped and that vibrant or was that the artists interpretation? It belongs among a sea of other oil paintings blending into the scenery of stories. 

A simple pale blue garden stool. I almost bought it, but it was a tad overpriced for my budget. I'll be back for 1/2 priced Monday because a stool always looks cool...

Image via Sadie + Estella

A simple table that needs some love!

A close up of the table top...
I really like the chic detail. I would somehow keep it intact before I painted it! 

This is a silk batik print stapled to a large canvas. It was about 4ft. x 4ft and I thought it would be hot in the right room above a sofa or even a bench...

Image via Chattafabulous

Have you all been thrifting recently? What treasures have you found? 


  1. I had a neat little brass buddha that I found. I just sold it in my Etsy shop the other day. I almost kept him for myself though. Sometimes it is hard to let go of certain items. I have to say I love that Asian lamp in that first pic. It is beautiful. have a wonderful day.

  2. Love the vintage Asian lamp...I would grab that up!! Take care, Caroline

  3. Love the vintage lamp - and it could handle a beautiful shade!! And I'm a huge fan of garden stools - hopefully it will still be there for 1/2 priced Monday!

  4. This post reminds me I need to go thrifting soon, perhaps this weekend even. Love the table. Are you going back for that?

  5. Girlfriend, we need to go thrifting together!

  6. Great finds Danielle! I especially loved the asian lamp. The image of the bedroom with 2 of those was just wonderful. Too bad they only had one example, if there would have been a pair I would have bought them in a sec:)!
    Sending lots of love:)!

  7. I just recently moved to DC, can anyone tell me where the great thrift stores are?

  8. Hi,
    I've been enjoying your blog for a while, I'm local and I'm curious who has 1/2 off mondays? I'll share my thrifting hot spots if you share yours:)

  9. I have been thrifting lately! I had great luck at my local Salvation Army where I scored two armchairs. Now I just need to pick out fabric and get them reupholstered :)

  10. I really enjoy hearing all of your thrifting stories...thanks!
    @Al..I know what you mean. I have a hard time giving up some of my great finds.
    @Ashley..yes I think I may tomorrow. It'll be for a woman whose home I'm designing...can't wait to show.
    @Doreen...let's go girlfriend!
    @Tina...lots of love back to you!
    @Laura and Julie...shoot me an e-mail at
    @Carrie...awesome! I'll pop over to your blog to maybe see them.

  11. And of course..
    @Caroline...think I'm going back tomorrow to get it. xx Danielle

  12. Yes, where is Spring?!? Ugh!

    Sadly, I haven't been to a thrift store in a long time. Every weekend, I'm excited to go and then something inevitably comes up. I really love seeing all these great finds though!! Keep the inspiration coming :)

  13. Danielle: I can't believe you did not buy the lamp you featured in the first picture! A steal and so much "LOOK" for not much $$$ kind of decorating! thanks for inspiring us ALL to thrift this weekend!

  14. What the heck! If the lamp is still there, just buy it for me! For $25 you could have UPS pack and ship it to me and I would be so happy. Where do I send my check??? Great thrifting around you!
    I am going to sign up for emails on your new blog!
    You rock!

  15. And that purple orb in the background would be great in the right spot! Just sayin.....

  16. Hi sorry I'm just getting this now. Thanks so much...I'll see if it's still there, but it's probably gone by now. And thanks for your sweet!
    Alena...I hear you!

  17. I just brought this home from craigslist for free!

    It's getting a makeover right now!

  18. love that lamp!! I can't get enough of figurine lamps- whether they are people or animals. Great price indeed.