Friday, March 18, 2011

Fridays Finest Finds

So here are my favorites on Craigslist in the DC Metropolitan area...

Glass/Brass Round Coffee Table and End Table $750 {i think one of these would be enough as a room can't handle too much fabulousness.}
image 2267889294-0image 2267889294-1
image 2267889294-3

Brass Chandelier $500 {a little traditional for my taste, but still very pretty}
image 2268535376-1

Vintage Club Chairs and Lamp $30 {great price. you could also possibly wait on re-upholstery if the fabric is fine}
image 2268372167-0

Antique Dressing Table $175 {gorgeous and price is right for an antique}...
image 2261254412-1

Yellow Velvet Retro Chairs $350 {looks like they are in good condition, no need to reupholster possibly}
image 2263198072-1

Fun Yellow French Dresser $190 {love this dresser and 10% proceeds go to a family in need whose daughter has cancer }
image 2266076223-0

Design*Sponge featured the lovely dresser below months ago, which reminds me of the dresser above...
Inspirational Image via Design*Sponge

Antique Mirror $60 {how cool would this look above your sleek modern entry console}
image 2226895190-1

Bedroom Set for Sale $100 {thanks Joan for sharing this with me the other day. incredible price for so many gorgeous pieces.}
image 2267837057-0image 2267837057-2
image 2267837057-1image 2267837057-3

Set of 6 Antique Occasional Tables $350 {first of all i love that they form a hexagon. second that tiger wood is just so stunning. third the price is right for this fabulous set. fourth if i had the money and space they would be mine. fifth i just wanted to say fifth}
image 2266522794-0image 2266522794-1

An inspirational image for the coffee table (s) above...
Image via House Beautiful

Mid Century Italian Candelabrum $200 {it is just one. what does one do with one ;)? put it above a fireplace possibly}
image 2261832972-0

Whatever one decides to do, I highly recommend you not put it above your bed like the people on CL did. Candles, wax and a heavy Candelabrum right above your head? I don't think so..
image 2261832972-2

French/Italian Rococco Table $125 {let's put this in our sun room shall we}
image 2262157918-0image 2262157918-2

And we could load the table top with plants...
Inspirational Image via Martha Stewart

Antique Coffee Table $25 {wow what a bargain and perfect for a small living room}
image 2267816459-1

Antique Pair of French Ormolu Beds $1000 {yes expensive, but my guess is that they are worth a lot more and think how much you could spend on beds from Pottery Barn that aren't made out of solid hard wood. and these are just stunning.}...

Just look at that wood, if you painted these I would cry...

image 2269235913-0image 2269235913-2

White Barcelona Chair $1000 {yes another expensive piece. offer less if you can't afford. remember there is no harm asking. just be polite.}
image 2263843803-0

See how sexy the chair above could look...
Inspirational Image via Domino

Green French Chair $150 {i would probably ask for the awesome lamp too ;).}

Asian Round Table and Chairs $2500 {yes yes i know i have showcased some pretty pricey items this week, but please know that i just had to share these gems.}...
image 2269404439-0

Maybe just get the chairs and do this...
Inspirational Image designed by Sara Story via Apartment Therapy

Cool Vintage Desk $80 {have a girly pre-teen? paint this hot pink or salmon and she'd be thrilled}...
image 2269602632-0

Original 1957 French Cointreau Prints $2700 {i'm feelin' guilty at this point, but i just love the colors in these vintage prints}...
image 2268671349-0image 2268671349-1

Classic Yellow Sofa $250 {if it is really stained, then offer less}...
image 2261114709-1

Now that you saved a bit on the sofa above, why not go ahead and reupholster...
Inspirational Image Jonathan Adler

Ornate Mirror $175 {take a friend to get this beauty}...

Not sure I would have the balls (just making sure you're paying attention) to paint the mirror above, but if I did I would do this...

Inspirational Image by Danika Herrick at Gorgeous Shiny Things

Bedframe {i just had to share the bedframe that got away. i was too late and totally bummed}...
image 2263014454-0

Brass and Copper Flamingo Sculpture $200 {just in case you were in the market for a brass flamingo.}...
image 2267449796-1image 2267449796-0

Small Dresser $30 {this sad girl has potential}...
image 2267088324-0

Go ahead and transform the dresser above into this piece of awesomeness by Bri at You Me and a Weiner blog...
Go here to see how she did it! 

Pair of Ornate Antique Chairs $5500 {yes i am going to end on something totally ornate and ridiculously priced for craigslist, but i just love the legs on these girls.}

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! xx Danielle


  1. Oh, I would take the 2 antique inspired $100!! Great price! Take care, Caroline

  2. thanks for featuring emily's yellow dresser! i emailed her the link to see! :)
    have a great weekend, danielle!

  3. I am in love with that retro yellow chair, would love it in my office (that is still a dream in my head:))

  4. Thanks for featuring my dresser again. I wonder if Ikea still carries the same dresser in store? We don't have one nearby :(

  5. hi danille! thanks for the feature = )

  6. did an awesome job!
    Cassie and's a such a pretty dresser of course i wanted to share. actually, if you want to send me links every thursday, I would be more than happy to share every week!!!

  7. I remembered the other blog you remind me of: Be sure to click on the Projects tab.

    The authors were featured in the Washington Post and they are incredible. They also seem to have a fascinating relationship. My fiance is very sweet about always going with me on Craigslist finds, but always rolls his eyes and says I overpay on nearly everything. He works for an environmental non-profit, and agrees that re-use is better than buying new, but he thinks I'm a sucker for bad deals just because they're on Craigslist. He wants me to use Craigslist Free Stuff and, but that's so much harder to use. But he's very good at repairing things in so-so shape, and he adores me, so I always end up getting my way. ;-)


  8. This is a nice little blog for just six months. Organicasm a good list of Green Design and Fashion Blogs at where you can probably get additional readers through cross-posting.

  9. I'm not sure why I ever buy new!! These finds are fantastic. Enjoy your weekend :)

  10. You are most definitely THE QUEEN of fabulous finds!! Have to go over to Bri's because she did an amazing job on that dresser!!

  11. Thanks everyone...I really love all of the support and am so happy you all enjoy my finds!

  12. I love that French Green Chair!!

  13. Danielle- The antique Pair of French Ormolu Beds would make a guest room! Really amazing beds.

    My Portland sister enjoyed the your Portland finds post I forwarded. She's thinking of the zebra chair!


  14. Great stuff. I love those little velvet chairs - so sweet!

  15. Man...if the Craigslist in Atlanta was only that good.....I would become a hoarder :)