Friday, March 11, 2011

Fridays Finest Finds

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I'm back on DC's Craigslist today. So here are my fresh finds in the DC Metro area...

Pair of French Painted Gilt Bedside Tables $750 {yes i know pricey, but these are some gorgeous ladies. you could always ask if they would be willing to go lower}...
image 2254439614-0image 2254439614-1

The sweet ladies above would look great in this room {you could paint that design on your wall if you can't find a headboard to match...i'll do a post on painted headboards soon}...

Nate Berkus

Beautiful Horchow Mirror $75 {just get it for this price}...
image 2246395139-0

Jonathan Adler Lampert Sofa $1600 {love this. want this. need this}
image 2245840938-0

And guess what's in the latest Lonny Issue????...
Inspirational image via Lonny

Antique French Matine Toile Chair $350 {belle}...
image 2253078597-1image 2253078597-3
image 2253078597-2

Large Gold Velvet Couch $250 {invite me for movie night. i'll bring popcorn}...
image 2246294668-1

2 Aqua Glamorous Parsons Chairs $125 {great occasional chairs. nice nailheads and firm body, i mean firm cushion}..
image 2244153385-0image 2244153385-1

image 2250242314-0

French Antique Occasional Table $125 {i think this is a steal. fabulous side table for a large living room}...
image 2251803057-0image 2251803057-1

Designer Country French Bergere Chair $250 {not my colors, but hey if it matches your home it's a great price and then in 5-10 years you could paint and reupholster}...
image 2249545610-0

Beautiful White Sideboard $225 {painted and ready to find her forever home. totally gorgeous!}

French Rose Side Table $65 {i know shabby chic look and i usually don't go for this style, but she's cute.}...
image 2257091485-1image 2257091485-0

Or you could put the table above in your modern bright bedroom?...
Inspirational Image ???

Hollywood Regency Cabinet $150 {anything and everything from this seller is awesome. trust me...great prices on MCM}...
image 2247824162-0

Unique Zebra Sofa $700 {hot. dudes, let me design your living room around this bad ass sofa}...
image 2249543970-0

6 Dining Room Chairs $9/each {yes $9 folks. please forgive my overuse of folks, but my son is always clowning around saying stuff like 'watch out folks'. anyway did you hear me $9 folks + pink + missoni inspired = awesomeness}...
image 2249916221-2image 2249916221-1

Beautiful Side Chairs $200/both {paint white. new fabric, unless you like it of course}...
image 2252411819-0

Four Custom Upholstered Chairs $175/each {these were custom upholstered, well worth the price if you ask me and how gorgeous?????}...
image 2248602961-0image 2248602961-1

Do you need any more chairs Ms. Kasler, because the chairs above would look great in the dining room you designed?...
Inspirational Image designed by Suzanne Kasler

Dining room table and 6 chairs $150 {wow what a deal. let's have a painting party and then order take out}...
image 2250901764-3

How stunning could the above chairs look in green? This stunning...
Inspirational Image Designer Nick Carter

Dragon Armoire $750 {adore dragons}
image 2250121927-0image 2250121927-1

So what do you have stored in that dragon cabinet of yours???
Inspirational image via Decor Pad

Vapor Chairs $320 {do you even see them? how cool around a painted ornate vintage table or something sleeker}...
image 2253155130-0

Gorgeous Vintage Dresser $125 {so i e-mailed my sis about this gorgeous girl and guess what, she's gettin' it. seriously friends, i am going to do a post on how many items i have found for friends and family...tons}...
image 2257385930-0image 2257385930-2

Awesome Bar Cart $75 {really? do i have to say anything about this beauty. i've already told my friend she needs to get it now, she has been looking for a bar cart for almost an entire year and i have sent many suggestions, but this is the one i think she's gonna get. fingers crossed}...
image 2256107800-0

Fill it up and let's party...

Inspirational image via AB Home

Modern Dining Table $100 {modern, sleek. get some vintage chairs and voila you have something unique going on}...
image 2255669636-2
image 2255669636-1
Inspirational image via Craigslist posting (some people know how to sell their stuff)

Cute Vintage Desk $50 {totally sweet for kids room. i would just change the knobs to something more fun}...
image 2256509419-0

Purple Oriental Rug $220 {i have seen a ton of oriental rugs in my life living overseas, but i can honestly say i have never seen a purple one. paint your living room teal and stick this bad boy in it}...
image 2247182138-0

MCM Desk $30 {incredible price folks}...
image 2245894801-0

Paint the above desk hi-gloss black and then get back to work...
Inspirational image via Decor8

I need to stop somewhere, so thought I would stop here...
Uh $6000 {yes totally outrageous for cl, should be at an antique store. but if they took off $5800...I would be willing to buy right away}....

Sometimes gilt can be a little too much, so paint the CL mirror white and hang above your mantel, stunning huh?....
Inspirational image via dcbydesign blog

And paint the CL console as well...
Inspirational image via designer unknown, tell me if you know

It never ceases to amaze me what I can find on Craigslist!!! I wish you all a wonderful weekend filled with soon to be found treasures! xx Danielle


  1. Wow! You are good! I'll take the $200 side chairs, the "vapor" chairs and the bar is fabulous! You need to do a little craigslist shopping for the NY crowd! Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh, I would take the white vintage sideboard...fabulous finds!! Take care, Caroline

  3. i love those nightstands! i have been looking for a pair fro our bedroom- i want symmetry lately! :) they are out of my budget, but pretty to look at!

  4. WOW! DC Craigslist is on fire! I LOVE the purple rug--what a unique find! Happy weekend!

  5. WOW! Danielle, you did good!!! I seriously can not pick a favorite, so much potential with many pieces. If your friend doesn't buy the bar cart, you should anyway...too good to pass up!

  6. DC Craigs is knockin it out of the park! If your friend doesn't get that bar cart she's off the list. Ha! Have a good weekend, Danielle!

  7. So many great finds here! Makes me wish DC was just a wee bit closer to Philly.

    I'd snag that JA sofa in a heartbeat if I weren't broke and 3 hours away!

  8. many lovely finds here. my fav is the vintage sideboard. have a wonderful weekend

  9. love your inspirations Danielle! And I hope your friend snags that cute little bar cart asap.

  10. Oh, what finds! That Dragon Armoire and white dresser/sideboard especially.

  11. WOW Danielle!!! These are some of your best picks EVER!! I especially love those beautiful French chests!!

  12. Thanks so much everyone for your positive and kind comments! Much appreciated! xx Danielle

  13. You find the best stuff!!!! We need to come up with a title for you, something you could put on a resume...Like, Executive VP of Craigslist Search and Furniture Rescue!!!!

  14. That Nate Berkus room is so fabulous. So simple and bam, amazing headboard.

    This is such a great series. Really helps those who just can't seem to picture what looks like an ugly piece of furniture become beautiful.

  15. Love the Hollywood Regency cabinet. Great finds!

  16. So many great the pair of french chests!!

  17. I'm swooning over that Jonathan Adler sofa and the white dresser for your sister!

  18. Wow! Awesome finds. Have a great weekend! xo

  19. OMG, so many great finds! Adler, Berkus, the yellow bedroom, all of these dining room chairs...