Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Bathroom Makeover Part 1

So Mr. C (yes I am a goof ball and call him Mr. C) woke up this morning and was delighted to see my birthday wish post for him. We then rushed off to school and I bought 3 dozen chocolate glazed donuts with rainbow sprinkles for his class...he was thrilled. He was also surprised to see part one of his bathroom makeover...

I purchased the squid attacking shark print from Matty 8080 on Etsy weeks ago. When I received it in the mail I was delighted to see that he sent a fun postcard as well. I love to support artists on Etsy, more personal than prints from a store. I framed them last night in Goodwill second hand frames. Goodwill is where I get most of my frames and I'll either keep the frames as is or spray paint to match my decor. 

Now I would like to buy this shower curtain to complete the room...
The Beat Shower Curtain

But this is what I currently can afford...
Stripe Shower Curtain

I'll be making a cafe curtain out of this fabric...

To Larger Image

And here is a little print Mr. C did himself that I will add to the collection...

A Mr. C Original 

I am not bragging, but man he really is an incredible artist! I am always in awe and totally envious because I can't draw to save my life. Abstract painting...can do, but not draw. He will draw these massive battle scenes that blow my mind...maybe he'll be selling prints on Etsy someday to a mother for her son who she loves more than anything in the world. 


  1. i love that print with the octopus grabbing the shark! and your right, thats a great little artist you have there = )

  2. Giant squid art - who knew? Love the direction you're going in - and I do love that first shower curtain option. Have you checked Urban Outfitters? They have some fun options there, too!

  3. I love the stripe shower curtain. It feels clean, which is perfect for a bathroom.
    Have a great day!
    E + J

  4. I love that WE shower curtain and the spotty fabric is one of my favourites- can't wait to see the bathroom make-over and ps, your little one is a fabulous artist indeed- so cool!!

  5. Your Mr. C is an awesome artist and I cannot wait to see the finished bathroom re-do. xx

  6. Danielle,
    I love that a bathroom makeover is part of your little guys b-day gift! I totaly believe in letting kids have a say in their spaces and have done bedroom makeovers over the years to mark a special b-day for my kiddos too!

    Love all the inspiration, especially the artwork!

  7. oooh i love those prints! and mr. c's artwork, of course, too!
    i love both the shower curtains, but the striped one seems more masculine and like it could grow with a tween to teen boy. i think it is a great choice and affordable!

  8. I love that WE shower curtain and the spotty fabric too. The quote by Henry David Thoreau on the right on your blog is great. Warm hugs to you, Danielle.

  9. Love. love the squid attacking the shark. Your son is a great artist too!

  10. I love children's art--Mr. C rocks it! And yea for the Togo--that will look great.

  11. I love the fabric for the cafe curtain! Such a great bathroom..I really love your style! FYI, Mr.C is darling!

  12. What a great space, filled with brightness, originality and most of all love. What better way to start and end a day?

  13. Thanks so much everyone...Charlie has gotten such a kick out of reading your comments pertaining to him! His eyes were huge and his smile wide as he read each comment.
    And I've missed you so Ms. Style Maniac!!!

  14. Love the squid! So adorable! Enjoy the wonderful day, Kellie xx

  15. Tell Charlie Happy Birthday for me! I can't wait to see him this summer! I wonder if he'll remember me?

  16. Thanks for reminding me that AphroChic has shower curtains! I'd love the get the Brooklyn Life one. Going to have to save my pennies. Just moved into a new place, and even though I'm thrifting most of it, my wallet still feels overwhelmed ;)