Friday, February 11, 2011

Fridays Finest Finds

I'm back scouting on DC's Craigslist...

Sofa and 2 Chairs $500 (i just adore the brass details. this would look so charming in a masculine space)
image 2206147504-1image 2206147504-0

Or you could add touches of pink to the set above and make it more feminine..
Mary McDonald

Antique Wooden Chairs $120 (i think i would offer less, but a truly sweet set. would look pretty around a modern white table)
image 2207428618-0image 2207428618-1

Shabby Chic Dresser $200 (a nice useful sideboard)
image 2205698515-0

A fabulous inspirational image for the above sideboard...

Vintage Medicine Cabinet with Mirror $35 (need a medicine cabinet? this is just so sweet and inexpensive)
image 2204643240-2image 2204643240-0

Vintage Tile Topped Side Tables $350 (not sure on price, but diggin' the tile top)
image 2202439132-0image 2202439132-1

Entire Dining Room $500 (wow, that is a lot of pieces for not much. paint my darlings would transform and remember you don't have to keep the furniture together. you could put hutch in your kitchen. and use the sideboard as a tv stand..that's if your tv is 19" like mine)
image 2202353137-0image 2202353137-1
image 2202353137-2

A gorgeous 
inspirational image for the set above...
Image unknown (sorry about not knowing sources, before i would just save an image without the proper source name, if anyone knows the designer or photographer, please let me know)

Buddha $70 (everyone needs a buddha and this is just a lovely shade of orange)

Rustic Dresser $70 (good price and if you don't like the rustic look, then paint it hi-gloss black or even teal)

Pair of Mid Century Chairs $200 (fabulous chairs! every week i enjoy posting all of these lovely pieces, but at the same time, every week i want it all)
image 2207428245-0

Beautiful Dining Room Set $300 obo (not bad price and hey the table looks primed for...PAINT ;)

Asian Dining Set $700 (if you don't want it all, you could always ask for just one piece. i'm lovin' the chairs and sideboard...the marbled wood is stunning, that's when you shouldn't paint, if you ask me.)
image 2206734023-0image 2206734023-2
image 2206734023-3

Glamorous Pink Dresser $175 (isn't this just so pretty and it is the hottest color for 2011, as pantone predicted. this is listed from a local blogger. named Cassie at Primitive and Proper...check out her blog and other gorgeous goods that are for sale here)
image 2208104433-0image 2208104433-1

Velvet Hollywood Regency Sofa $499.99 (ahh...velvet and gorgeous)
image 2207701418-0
image 2207701418-2image 2207701418-3

Antique French Dining Set  (no price, i'm surprised these aren't in an antique store. just look at the detail and pop over to the listing to read a little bit of the history if you're interested. they bought them in Alsace...where my father-in-law is from, so i am particularly interested in these)
image 2208222652-0image 2208222652-3
image 2208222652-2

Classic Arm Chairs $300/pair (did you all hear...leopard is so in right now and it looks like these are in ab fab condition. i'm just sayin')
image 2208192889-0

Get the vintage dresser below, the chairs above and you can create this lovely vignette in your home...

Velvet Armless Chair $200 (totally unique and great conversation piece)
image 2203266824-0image 2203266824-1

Queen Anne Armchair $95 (great price and a great example on how to save on fabric. let's say you are in love with a very expensive patterned fabric. to save on costs, just have the front of the chair upholstered in it and upholster the back in a velvet that matches. people do this all the time!)
image 2201902719-0image 2201902719-1

Vintage Walnut Wide Dresser $295 (so simple, yet just a stunning piece for a dining sideboard...dinner is served on the buffet! and honestly this is a good price for what it is!)
image 2204998334-0

60's Space Age Bar Stools $195 (these beauties would so be mine, if i had a bar to put them at!! i truly think this is a great price as well. faux gotta love that!)
image 2203040606-0image 2203040606-3

Cherry Coffee Table $60 (i like the fact that the trays are removable...fresh cup of tea and biscuits anyone?)
image 2207895744-0

Antique 8 Arm Crystal Chandy $250 (if the wiring is good, then this isn't a bad price b/c wow it is expensive to have these re-wired...believe me i've had to do it)
image 2201297377-1

If you're so bold as to paint the above chandelier red, then this is how stunning it can look...

Pair of Vintage Upholstered Chairs $300 (these are gorgeous, but i think i would go lower if you need them re-upholstered to fit your decor)
image 2208342556-0image 2208342556-1

Hope you all have an absolutely wonderful weekend and happy vintage shopping!!!


  1. Danielle - I always love your finds! The armless velvet chair is unlike anything I'd ever seen!

    I was thinking of you when I wrote my last post - I'm giving my "services" as a personal shopper during my fabulous clothing swap next week. Winner gets a box of second hand clothing I choose for them. I really don't know how many people would want to take me up on this one besides YOU!


  2. first of all, thanks for featuring my pink dresser! and secondly.... this could be really dangerous having you point things out within driving distance of me. :)

  3. Yay! DC! I still need that stupid sideboard. Too bad I'm cheap! I'm working on the nursery finally and repainted the living room, just waiting for the FERN wallpaper now. :-)

  4. Wow - you are amazing! So many fabulous finds!! I ESpecially love the shabby chic sideboard, rustic dresser, orange Buddha and beautiful velvet sofa. You didn't mention whether you were purchasing any?!

  5. You find the best things! I always get bored after five minutes on Craigslist because I never find anything good :)

  6. Oh, my favorite type of shopping. Just posted my latest finds this morning. Hope you can stop by soon!

  7. I am very interested in the 2 Black Asian
    chairs for $400.00.