Friday, January 28, 2011

Fridays Finest Finds in Portland

My favorite CL finds in Portland Oregon (enjoy Julia, maybe you'll find something you like)...

Vintage Bamboo Bookcase $250 (this is a fantastic piece, how perfect would your tv, books and treasured items fit on this!)
image 2181591076-1image 2181591076-0

Uhh $200 (nasty from sorry seller, but this is just so, shall i say...fugly)
image 2173070366-0

Zebra Chair $100 (if you need an extra chair and want a little splash of zebra, fabric that is, then this is perfect for you)
image 2179819873-0

Mid Century Sofa $250 (totally hip midcentury sofa. for some reason i am always drawn to green sofas)

Below are some gorgeous interiors with green sofas (i filed these images under green sofas, so if anyone knows the designers please let me know and i will give credit where credit is due!!!!)...

Bamboo Table $30 (nice little side table at a nice little price)
image 2178283199-0

2 Designer Teak Chairs $1850/pair (ok, once again i am not sure about the price and if you are interested please do your research...i just thought they were so cool along with the petite saarinen side table and pretty turquoise lamp)

Barcelona Chairs $120/pair (knock off pleather barcelona chairs, at this price they are fabulous. perfect for a bachelor who hosts rockin' need to worry over spilled wine)
image 2178670714-0

The above chairs could be styled bohemian cozy as evidenced below...
George Cooper

Or modern chic...
Photo by Ugo Rondinone via House Beautiful

Rare Henredon Coffee Table $500 (this is a beaut for sure and would look fabulous in a large living room for a hip vintage worldly feel)
image 2176380358-2image 2176380358-0

OMG 6 Piece Campaign Set $300 (ok these would be mine with out a doubt, i mean holy crap wow...julia buy them and bring all to dc when you come in the summer and i'll pay you ;)
image 2171634200-0image 2171634200-1

Antique Drop Leaf Table and 4 Chairs $150 (this is selling for a wonderful cause in support of the sellers friend who had a kidney transplant, i would pay the full get great bentwood chairs, a usable table and help someone out who is in need...great deal if you ask me)
image 2173440413-0

Gather a few more ;) chairs and you could have this lovely dining room...
Suzy Hoodless

Butter Yellow Leather Sofa $150 (i love green or yellow sofas for some reason. years ago i missed out on a yellow leather sectional for my basement and i still think about it sometimes)
image 2180457627-0

Small Chartreuse Desk $125 (sweet desk for a little girl or a fun dressing table)
image 2178579310-0

Cat Dream House $60 (my cats are too fat and old to enjoy this, but if i had a kitten it would be fab.. although kinda garrish, so i'd stick it in the play room and hope my little monkey wouldn't be on it)
image 2175304701-0

Pair Danish Modern Chairs $80 (great price and a little reupholstering would spruce these boys up)
image 2181656617-1image 2181656617-0

Vintage Green Sofa $180 (told you i love green sofas...see way above for green sofa images)
image 2181626416-0

Yellow Floral Sofa $150 (uh...yellow and green, fun for sun room)
image 2180437966-0

Peacock Lamps $150/pair (i would so get these for my friend...monkey)
image 2179949814-3image 2179949814-0

Real Saarinen Table $1050 (the real deal)
image 2178715646-0

I personally like the Eero Saarinen Table above with rustic, warm wooden chairs, as evidenced below...
Elle Decor

Vintage Crystal Chandelier $150 (and this would look awesome above the modern dining table...can you tell i like an eclectic look???)
image 2176200645-0

Coffee Table $300 (gorgeous)
image 2180211002-0

Zebra Rocker $360 (i think this would be delightful in a nursery painted a deep rich emerald green and teal dreamy for a newborn)
image 2169218069-0

 I'll be scouting Philly's Craigslist next week! If any one would like me to do a Friday's Finest in their hometown, just comment below and let me know where! 

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!!!


  1. Danielle some really great finds!! I do like the little zebra chair!

    Art by Karena

  2. I can't get over that campaign set...for it!! Great finds! Take care, Caroline

  3. way too many wants in this post. would LOVE the campaign set now though.

  4. Yippee, you're coming to Philly next week!

    I currently have a long list of items I need for several client projects, so can't wait to see what you come up with. Plus dying to find a gorgeous, curvy Murano glass-ish Red table lamp for my home office ... at non-Murano glass prices. (I know, impossible!)

    If I were in Portland I'd snatch up that bamboo table pronto--fab fab find.

  5. I didn't plan on having any jealously fits today, but Danielle, you sparked one! Why is Portland impossibly far away? The campaign set is perfect, way too perfect. Just one piece would be pretty great at that price, but 6?

  6. I hear you ladies, when I saw the campaign set I was so wishing I lived in Portland! I totally regret not buying a yellow campaign dresser and bookshelves that was on DC craigslist awhile back!

  7. This is great! I love the little yellow desk, the chandelier, and those overpriced teak and blue chairs!

  8. I am digging that bamboo bookshelf! BTW I just got my re-upholstered couch today and it! Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. I'd love to see what you can find on the Myrtle Beach Craigslist!
    from Patty

  10. Danielle, not to worry I have another fabulous giveaway coming right up!! Check in soon!

    Art by Karena

  11. i think i should move to portland for their craigslist! LA's craigslist has been so crap-o lately.
    have a great weekend!

  12. Campaign! yes, I would like you to do one in my city...DC! LOL

  13. Danielle, I could really use the chandelier, and the bamboo table. Love this post!! Thanks for your nice comments on our blog...happy weekend ~

  14. I have to say, that this post has had me going from excited, to Love, to whoa my God. That one table with hooves was just way too much for me. Fugly is being kind!!

    Have a great weekend!

  15. Crazy. I had a vintage chandelier that I just sold this weekend that looked almost exactly like the one you spotted in Portland.

  16. Gorgeous henredon furniture! i'm also looking to buy these henredon furniture for my new home. Thanks for sharing such a great blog.