Friday, January 21, 2011

Fridays Finest Finds in Memphis

Here's to you Libby...

King Size Cane Headboard $300 (i have been in love with this bed from ballard designs for ever and if i lived in Memphis, boy would i be tempted to buy it. although black wouldn't suit my bedroom, so i would have to paint...maybe teal)
image 2103025409-0

The image below is from the Ballard Designs website, so gorgeous with black and white bedding and white walls...
Louis Bed
Ballard Designs

Asian Rug 9 x12 $475 (this is a wow kind of rug, so stunning and would look incredible in the right space...lovin' the greek key image)
image 2162152150-0image 2162152150-1

Entire Room for $750  (i would just ask for the large sofa alone because it is all a little too matchy matchy for me)
image 2154270226-0

Here's an simple yet stunning inspirational image for the above sofa...
Cassandra of Coco and Kelley

Thick Glass Coffee Table $100 (this coffee table fascinated me and i think painted gold or silver it would be an awesome conversation piece)
image 2152133375-0

See how gorgeous the above coffee table could look in silver...
David Jimenez

2 French Chairs $50 (wow what a fabulous price. these wouldn't need a lot of fabric, so a reupholstering wouldn't be too expensive)
image 2100474716-0

A coat of creamy white paint and hot pink velvet could turn the chairs above into pure awesomeness like the chair in this bedroom...
Amanda Nisbet

Or if you like a more classic look then white on white with nail heads always looks chic...
Susan Burgess via Design Chic

Solid Oak Dresser $175 (i would ask for way less, because this bad boy needs some serious paint)
image 2140647351-1

2 Regency Side Chairs $20 (sorry to all those that think painting antiques is a huge no no, but i'm thinkin' paint again)
image 2144313824-0image 2144313824-1

And here is a fabulous example how paint can transform the chairs above into something swoon worthy...
Eddie Ross (aren't these chairs stunning?)

2 West Elm Lamps $80 (simple lamps that would look great with most decor, i would probably offer less because i see myself spray painting them a fun color like turquoise or yellow, but the matte gun metal is cool too)
image 2119179697-0

Norwalk Sofa $250 (this looks like a great sofa and the yellow is pretty)
image 2122004887-0

Or you could upholster the above sofa in cream...
Domino Ash and Aleandro

or even a lovely green...
Photo by Helen Norman of the gorgeous Lauren Liess of Pure Style Home and her adorable son.

Or even pink, my favorite color...
Ann Mashburn

Thomasville Triple Dresser $175 (wish this gorgeous piece was on dc's craigslist! add a coat of paint and it will be a show stopper)
image 2113078535-1

I'm thinking green for the above dresser...
Image via Emily A. Clark (you must check out her blog...she's uber talented)

2 Lamps $75 (not the best image, but these look pretty)
image 2134569823-0

2 Black with Gold Lining Lampshades $20 (new lampshades are super pricey and old lampshades are usually not in the best condition, so if i were in Memphis i would mos def pick these up)
image 2161899555-0

Custom Pink Sofa and Chaise $250 (thank goodness i don't live in Memphis, because these would be bought in a blink of an eye. i love this sofa and in a warm white room with lots of gold accents it would be cool)
image 2110862349-0image 2110862349-1

Here's an inspirational image for the above sofa, although my tree would be real...
image via Coco and Kelley

Amy Howard Designer Chairs $950 (i know pricey, but wow these are fabulous and all ready for the perfect dining room)
image 2168286323-0image 2168286323-1

Venetian Mirror $1250 (i am really not sure if the price is appropriate, but do your research if you want it. also you have to see what the lady who is selling it was her grandmothers mirror. why oh why would she sell it???? if that was my grandmothers and handed down to me, i would never in a million years sell it. it really made me so sad when i read that)
image 2168085649-3image 2168085649-1

If you can't convince the seller to keep the mirror above and you are in love with it like I am then here is a lovely inspirational image...
Tara Sloggett via Decor8

If anyone is interested in me doing a Fridays Finest Finds in their city, then please leave a comment and let me know where. Off to Portland next week! I wish you all a wonderful weekend!!


  1. So much to love! You get my brain juices working overtime when you do this segment...Wish I had a bigger house!

  2. Glad I don't have a bigger home, because I have a serious obsession with chairs and dressers and my basement is already filled with 3 dressers that I plan on painting and many chairs.

  3. These Travel Editions are a great idea! Can't wait till you come back to Philly.

  4. I love this- so many awesome finds and your pairings with the 'after' possibilities are fabulous. Happy Weekend Danielle!

  5. I look forward to every Friday ... to see what you find and for tips on how to better search my local Craigslist. Thank you for sharing! I know Raleigh NC isn't exactly big city but I would love to see what you find here :-)

  6. Love this segment you are doing! You have a great eye!

  7. So wish I'd gotten the french chairs...amazing price!! Hope your weekend is wonderful

  8. Wonderful CL selections...and beautiful inspirational pictures!! Happy weekend! Caroline

  9. Thanks everyone, glad you enjoy it as much as I do! And Philly here I come!

  10. I want to buy it all! But my basement and garage is filled to the brim...better curb my addiction!

  11. great finds! and soo funny we're like twinsies!

    and that is actually Cassandra of Coco and Kelley, not Michelle Adams, but now that you said it..they are like twins!

  12. Thanks Danielle my twin :)...I had a feeling that was wrong, but couldn't remember where I found it!