Friday, December 3, 2010

Fridays Finest

Here are my picks for this weeks 'best of' DC's Craigslist...

Gold Carved Wall Mirror 2x3 $75 (gold...I am diggin' it)
image 2077438346-1

Pair of Gold Table Lamps $10 (for this price, even if the electrical wiring is bad, it still is well below anything you could find out there and if you need any help replacing the wires, let me know b/c I can help or do it for you)
image 2080638406-0

Round Coffee Table $50 (simple and sweet)
image 2081650060-1

Large Mid Century Sofa $125 (this is a beauty and looks so incredibly sturdy)
image 2081949223-2

Yellow Leather Accent Chair $25 (the price and simplicity of this chair are what i find appealing...maybe even a little re-upholstery down the line)
image 2077398313-1

4 metal faux bamboo chairs $89/piece (not too pricey and since they are metal they would be fine in a covered outdoor setting)
image 2090769826-0

Here's what I would do with the chairs above, paint them pagoda red and add black/white striped outdoor fabric cushions. Here is a gorgeous example of how stunning they could look (i am so loving red, black and white right now)...
Designer: Jamie Herzlinger
Another inspirational image...
Image: via Lonny

Bamboo settee $425 (this could be an accent piece for a cream and black living room...add a cream with black piping cushion for comfort)
image 2090752215-0

Here's an inspirational photo for the settee above...

Hollywood Regency Upholstered Chair $260 (I would offer less, especially if you want to re-upholster and I have a feeling this girl has some pretty legs, so take off her skirt)
image 2084887419-0

Orange Vinyl Couch $150 (i am not a big fan of pleather b/c it is made out of vinyl, but this is a beauty for sure...I see it in a dude's place with semi dark grey walls and black/white striped pillows)
image 2087594049-0

Mid Century Modern Sideboard $60 ( this is a great price and a lovely piece, I like the wood, but I can't help imagine it in a high gloss black which will make the brass really shine and leave the insert alone, believe'll look hot)...
image 2085945680-0image 2085945680-1

Mid Century Modern End Table $40 (i have seen these for triple the amount, so this is a steal and oh so glossy)
image 2084778870-0

Modern West Elm Sofa $300 (these peeps are on the right track...grey walls, bird decals, zebra rug and splashes of bright yellow...copy them, but take better pictures)
image 2088558969-2

Cane and Upholstery Chairs $39/each (are these people nuts, $39 is cheap for these beauties. please forgive me for saying this again, but i see black with cream or mustard yellow velvet upholstery...oh so hot)
image 2091949900-0

Do you see the chair in the image below? Does it remind you (not exact of course) of the chair above...see how cool black and yellow can be...

Kashini Perera

5 Modern Chairs $25/chair (inexpensive...great if you're just starting out)
image 2091658730-2image 2091658730-1

All of the following inspirational images for the chairs above were found via Decor8's blog post on Fritz Hansen.  One could paint the above chairs in many different colors, as evidenced below (or you could leave them as is because they are just fine, but paint is so much fun)...
Republic of Fritz Hansen

Republic of Fritz Hansen

Republic of Fritz Hansen

West Elm Mirror Wall Art $25 (so many love the star burst wall art right now)
image 2090293987-0

Side Table $100/pair (umm..paint white and attach a piece of green or black fabric to the inside behind the moorish design, so it actually pops, as my friend Jim would say)
image 2086758141-0image 2086758141-1

Dining Table and 4 chairs $50 (even if the table is formica, this is still a steal...have I mentioned paint before???...and dining chairs are so easy to reupholster. ikea has some fun fabrics for seriously dirt cheap, even black and white stripes...i'm just sayin')...
image 2090283111-0

Exotic Fireplace Chairs $700/pair (had to put this in...what do yo think about the chairs? i personally am not liking the pink velvet and I am game)

Hope you enjoyed and please leave a comment if I forgot to link an item that you would like. Have a wonderful weekend!!!!


  1. Love it!! Your CL has a lot of wonderful great prices! Take care, Caroline

  2. oh if only I lived in D.C.! I want that white table with gold trim.

  3. Danielle- Love the round coffee table! Great buy!