Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Before & After. my chandelier.

I bought this mini chandelier years ago and had it above my soaking tub...I miss that bathtub so much because in my current home I barely fit in my tub. I would light the candles and let Calgon take me away, actually I have never ever used Calgon in my life...I prefer bathing salts. Okay, I am sure you are sick of or not interested in my bathing habits, so I shall get to the point. After seeing the image below, I decided to spray paint my chandelier red...

Courtesy: Eddie Ross (to see the before and how he put it all together, go here...he did a spectacular job and used many second hand items...my favorite!)

Here is my after:

Yes, I know, after seeing the Eddie Ross bedroom, my living room doesn't look as dazzling, but it is me and I love it. With my picture gallery to the right, my 1950's Asian man lamp from a fabulous vintage store around the corner (will do a post on that store because the owner is adorable and has the coolest vintage items) , the side table I saved from the trash and painted avocado green and added a curtain where doors were broken, my Craigslist chair and the unpainted wood Salvation Army chair that I got for $6, it makes me happy!

Just in case you were curious, I used Krylon H2O (low VOC spray paint) in Red Sea...
H<sub>2</sub>O™ Latex
Have you all ever spray painted a light fixture and were happy with the results?

P.S. Remember to stop by Thursday for my pottery give-a-way!!!


  1. Oh, love it!! And your living room looks fabulous...that mirror is great! Take care, Caroline

  2. LOVE the red! You did a fab job. I've spray-painted little things (place-card holders, for instance) but truth be told I'm not that crafty, so I'd never attempt a lamp.

  3. It looks great! I just spray painted a vintage tole chandelier glossy white. Not as fun as your red, but more fitting for my room. I think your living room looks so cute - I love that mirror!

  4. I watched you spray paint the chandelier...hmm I thought who would paint a chandelier red and hang it in a living room? Sorry for being a Doubting Thomas...it not only looks wonderful, but adds even more whimsy to your decor...

  5. Thanks again everyone!!!

    @Eddie...that means a lot to me, seeing as the bedroom you designed was my inspiration! A huge thanks!!
    xx Danielle

  6. Danielle, congrats, it looks awesome in your living room! And the red is spot on. Oh, spray paint--be still my heart, if only everything in life could be so effortlessly effective.

  7. Love it!! turquoise would be my color.