Monday, October 4, 2010

Quince Craigslist Room

domino neon green
Image: Domino Magazine

I am using this photo as my inspiration to show that you don't have to buy anything new to have great style. I have found everything that matches this fabulous room on Craigslist (almost everything...pillows from an ab fab pillow company that sells organic cotton pillows).

So here it goes...

Sofa: $400 (not exact, but with CL you can't be too picky...check out the cow it!)
image 1986323860-1

Crystal Chandelier: $200 (this is a great price for a fabulous piece)
image 1976947152-0

Side Chairs: $700 for both (using a bit of artistic license...felt the sofa was kind of bulky, so opted for simple side chairs with flair)
image 1975562807-0

Lamp: $225 (again not exactly the same, but it's gorgeous and would look great)

Coffee Table: $35 (books and flowers in vase could take care of the pesky stains)

Curtains: $40 50' x 96' (all you would need to do is get a quince colored ribbon and sew it along the vertical edge...cost probably around $10, excluding time/effort)

Pillows: $50 a piece from Fabricadabra

OC023 Cheeky Ikat Print  Fuschia organic cotton pillow cover
Wall Paint: $70 Natura line from Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore 2025-40 Limelight

An almost complete room for $1560!!!! And the wonderful part is you could possibly get it for even less. There is no harm asking if the seller would be willing to reduce their price. All of these items were scouted on the DC/Northern VA Craigslist.

Good luck with your own inspirational photos...



  1. Hi Danielle, I love your Fresh quince blog!! What a great room-you are truly the master treasurer on Craig's list. Love the pieces you picked out!! xoxoJIll

  2. Thanks Jill...I really appreciate it :)!!!