Monday, March 19, 2012

The Best Local Portrait Studio

Please forgive my lack of posts as of late. A few weeks after I posted my nursery, everything started to fall apart at my home...nothing traumatic, but still time consuming. First my washer broke, then 2 toilets, my chandelier, lamp and the icing on the computer completely crashed. Therefore I've been a bit out of touch since then and now I'm just a tad tired and busy with a certain bundle of joy. My sister told me during this time "mercury was in retrograde," which means in astrology talk that crap breaks. So I want to thank Mercury for being in retrograde before my little one had arrived. Thanks Mercury! 

Previous to all of this I had maternity pictures taken by the most talented portrait photographer in the area, Michelle from Sweet Lime Portrait Design. Not only is Michelle amazing at what she does, her studio is super stylish, organized and inviting. It feels nothing like (forgive me) the generic portrait studios in the malls. She makes each session so personal and comfortable. With out further ado here's a small snapshot of our session...

Sorry to tease, but my mother just didn't want me showing my huge naked belly to the world. You get the idea though...Michelle is amazing at what she does because I rarely take a good photo.

And since she did such a smashing job on my maternity photos, I knew who to call for my son's birth announcements...

I highly recommend Sweet Lime Portrait Design for all of your portrait photo needs. And for some great ideas on how to display your new fabulous images go here to my previous post. Thanks Michelle!!


  1. he is so so beautiful! as are you! i find it hard to believe you do not take good pictures- you are stunning! :)

    1. Thanks Cassie, but honestly I really do look horrible in most photos...eyes half closed, crooked smile, I get nervous I think and it shows, but I was just so comfortable there.

  2. Great pictures!He's so precious Danielle! I am so sorry about your run of bad luck....but,'s Spring and time for the sun to shine!!

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    1. Awww shucks Doreen, you make me blush. I was so comfortable there. :)